Lotje's Pictures

December 2003

These pictures were taken at Lotje's Wedding in December 2003 in Lenoir, North Carolina. Josh and I flew there after work Saturday morning, we rented a car (ended up getting a PT Cruiser) and drove to Lenoir. The wedding was nice. We spent a few more days there, hanging out, watching movies. I fell asleep while watching Return of the King, lotje had to poke me. We went up to the mountains and played in the snow as well. It was so cold in North Carolina, I missed the heat a lot. We came back on Monday and went to work a little bit after we landed, no rest for the weary.

May 2004

Lotje came and visited Arizona in May of 2004, so Cynthia and I took her on a fun little road trip around Arizona. Our first stop was Sedona, there were some very pretty rocks up there, lovely scenic views. Then we went and visited the lava flows and Indian ruins near Flagstaff. After that, we went up towards the Grand Canyon. When we got there, Cynthia's check engine light came on, so we had to drive back to Flagstaff to get it checked out. The oil had been overfilled and leaked out, so once we got that all sorted out, we made our way to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Excalibur, which is a castle themed casino. We went and saw the Tournament of Kings which was really cool. We walked around, enjoyed the sites of Vegas, and then headed back to Phoenix. A few fun trip.

"WHAT? You went over my helmet?" Dark Helmet