These are the homes I have lived at in my life.

The Trailer Park
1983 - 1988

I remember very little of this place. It was a mobile home located in South Aberdeen, not the best of places, but it was in a trailer court which pretty much only had old people. I think it only had one bedroom, and at the point before we moved, there were seven of us living there.

The Brown House
1988 - 1991

This was definitely an upgrade from the mobile home. It was located in West Hoquiam, which is a much safer place to be. It had two floors. The bottom floor had a very large front room, kitchen, and my dad's bedroom. My dad's bedroom lead out to a patio and then to the yard. The yard was very big. It had two large trees in it, an apple and a cherry tree. We had a neighbor who we would pick apples for and give them to her, and she'd make apple sauce out of them. The upstairs had three rooms. One belonged to my sister, she had a room all to herself being the only girl. It was just as large as the one room I shared with my three brothers. There were two bunkbeds in there, it was rather cozy. The third room was a "toy room." Growing up, we didn't have all that many toys that belonged to one person, it was more of a group thing. My dad would tell us to share, get along, and have fun. The room had quite a lot of toys in it. Every once in a while we would pull all the toys out of the room and organize them, only to mess them up once again.

The House on the Hill
1991 - 1998

An even bigger improvement than the Brown House had been. It really was probably one of the biggest houses in Hoquiam. You could call it four floors if you cheat. I'll try to describe it without too much confusion, but the place was big. In front of the house was a small yard, past the yard was a very steep hill that dropped about 100 feet to the road below. At the front of the house was a den, my dad used this to do all his paperwork and keep things in order. He had a large desk there, lots of filing cabinets and things like that. Behind the den was the front room. I think it used to be three separate rooms that had the walls removed to make one big room. This was more or less a "No Kids Allowed" room. We weren't allowed to wear shoes in there, and the couches in there were pretty much for guests only. At the far end of the room, near the kitchen, was a large dining table. Above the table hung a very pretty chandelier. There was also a set of stairs leading to the upstairs from the front room. Behind the front room was the Library and Kitchen, they were right next to each other, but didn't have a door between them. The kitchen was fairly small considering the rest of the size of the house. The library was a cool thing to have though, it had lots and lots of shelves, there were lots of books and board games in there. After that was the family room. This is where we spent most of our time. It had a shag red carpet, very perty. There were two couches in there, one built into the wall, a TV and a fireplace. That was the whole bottom floor.

There was another set of stairs in the family room, and if you walked up four steps, you would get to the "second" floor. The only thing that was there was the garage. We had a ping pong table and a pool table in there. It should probably be considered part of the bottom floor, but it's a lot more fun to say you live in a four story house than just a two. Walking up the rest of the stairs in the family room, you get to the third floor. At the very top of these stairs is a hallway, it divides the house right at the center and goes all the way though. On the left side was the new toy room, again we just kept all of our toys in there and when we were bored, went and played with some. On the right side was a balcony, if you looked over the edge, you could see down below into the family room. A little farther down the hallway there was a bathroom on the left, and a small bedroom on the right. This bedroom was rotated between the boys. Every year we'd switch it out to someone else, it was the only private time anyone got. A little further down the hallway there were two more bedrooms. On the left was my sisters room, again she got her own room being the only girl. To the right was my dad's room. He had a king sized water bed, we all loved it.

Going straight forward there was a very large room. It spanned the whole house, there was an increased level of about 6 inches in the middle of the room where a new carpet color started. My dad eventually used this to make the big room into two different rooms. One brother would get a room to himself and the other two would share a room, but the rooms were still connected by a door in the middle of the room. The final floor was the attic, we never went up there much. There wasn't even a floor, just some beams you had to balance yourself on. If you stepped off the beams you'd probably fall through and land in one of the bedrooms. We stored stuff up there, it was a junk room.

South Aberdeen
1998 - 2001

This was the house I moved into with my mom, this house was only a few miles from the mobile home where I lived as a kid. My brothers Jason and Robb had lived here at one point, but were eventually moved out. My mom lived in there rent free because a friend of hers owned it. The bottom floor had a front room, a large kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. At first I lived in the bedroom on the bottom floor, but my mom smoked and it was starting to bother me, so I moved upstairs. The stairs that went up had a door I could close so I could keep the smoke out. The top floor had two rooms, one was filled with junk from the last people who lived there, and the other was the room I used for a bedroom.

The Pink Apartment
March 2001 - June 2001

After my mom broke up with Rich, we moved to an apartment in Hoquiam. It was pink. There was only one bedroom, so I slept on the couch for the months I did live there. I didn't mind too much, because I knew I'd be moving to Phoenix. Not too much to say about it, it was a basic apartment, front room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Nothing fancy.

The Fair Ways
June 2001 - October 2001

My first home in Phoenix. Again a fairly small apartment. Two bedrooms, a front room and a kitchen. My roommate, Shane, had lived there for a while so it was pretty well furnished. My dad came down with me to Phoenix to help me get settled in. I bought a mattress to sleep on, no frame though. I didn't live there for very long, there was nothing too wrong with it. Shane was a little odd, but there's a lot of weird people in Phoenix.

October 2001 - April 2002

My dad decided to move down to Phoenix, to get away from Hoquiam like I had. He got a place right next to DeVry at a place called Heatherwood. About the same as the other apartment, two bedrooms, front room, kitchen. I lived with him for several months while he worked at a hospital down in Mesa. He eventually got homesick and left for Hoquiam, it was time to move again.

Carob Tree
April 2002 - January 2004

I spent a while living here. Most of the time with three other roommates. It was a two bedroom apartment, each room had their own bathroom. I had plenty of roommates throughout my stay here; Jeff, Antonio, Gunnar, Evan, Josh, Jenniifer, Alex, Cesar. At this time I was working at DeVry as well as attending there. So I'd come home late, get on the computer for a while, go to bed, wake up, check some things on the computer and then go to school. I never spent much time with the roommates there, except for Josh whom I knew from school. When Josh and I decided to move, Alex and Cesar were also going to move, so that brought this apartment to an end.

Legacy Park
January 2004 - Present

My current residence. A much nicer apartment than any I've lived in. Currently a roommate with Josh, there are two bedrooms. Each bedroom has a bathroom. The front room is pretty large, and there is a patio with a nice view of the park. This is the first time I've had my own room since I lived with my mom in South Aberdeen.

"This must be where pies go when they die." Dale Cooper