This will be a small biography of my life. I thought it would be fun and boring to write it down.

I was born on January 3rd, 1983, in a small town called Aberdeen, Washington. I was the 3rd child in my family, the other two were my brothers, Robb and Jason. Two more siblings from my parents were on the way, Michelle and Brian.

I remember attending church when I was a kid, I can't remember whose insistence it was that I go, neither of my parents are religious now. The only memory I really have of going to church was when my middle finger got crushed in a closing bathroom door. I had to be taken to the hospital and my severed finger (well, just the end really) was put back on.

I can't remember when my parents got divorced, I don't know why they got divorced, I was very young. It was some time before I entered Kindergarten. My dad, Kurt, got full custody of all five of us. My mom, Sandi, could visit whenever she wanted, and we were allowed to stay with her if we wanted. We moved to an even smaller town next door, Hoquiam, but into a much larger house. It had two bedrooms upstairs, one downstairs, and a huge yard with an apple and cherry tree.

We lived in that house for several years, I started attended school which was only a few blocks away. I finished Kindergarten and moved on to first grade, which was at a different school farther away. I needed to catch the bus for this.

Some basic school geography of Hoquiam. There were six public schools. One was a kindergarten, three of them were grade schools, first to sixth grade. They were Central, Washington, and Lincoln. One was a middle school, seventh to eighth grade, and then high school, ninth to twelfth grade.

First grade passed. We then moved into another house. This house was even larger than the last, but not so big of a yard. There were five bedrooms upstairs; it had a library as well. My dad was now involved with another woman, Sue, who was a deeply religious person. Because of this, my dad put us all into a Christian school for my second grade. I stayed there for most of my second grade, but either the relationship between my dad and Sue deteriorated, or sending five kids to a private school was just too expensive.

I had spent first grade attending Central, my dad tried to re-enroll all of us at that school, but they told us we were no longer within the borders of that school, despite the fact it was the closest, even close than where we lived before. The next closest school was Lincoln, but my dad didn't like that school, so he decided to send us to Washington, which was on the other side of the city. We had to get up really early in the morning, walk down to Central school, and then catch a bus to Washington. I did this until I graduated the sixth grade.

My dad had a daughter with Sue, her name is Laurie. But since my dad and Sue never married, and Sue always had custody of Laurie, I never saw her that often. She came to visit, and stay over, come to family gatherings and such, she was still family.

Middle-school came, and that.s when I met Kenny Aldrich. We were in the same of a few classes, and we got to know each other. We were both geeks and fit right in with each other. His grandparents owned a company called Techline, they were about the only suppliers of computers and ISP in the entire county. Every few days Kenny and I would go over to Techline for a few hours, go upstairs to the computer lab and mess around on the Internet. I had never used Windows before, the only option we ever had was Macintosh in school. This is when I got involved in MUD.

MUD, short for Multi-User Dimension/Dungeon, was on online, text based, D&D game. I never played .real. D&D with people sitting around and making character sheets, I.m not that social. MUD was fun; there are many different versions, and thousands of different individual games you can play. I spent a great deal of my time playing, and I still hold a certain fondness for it, as I played it still even after I had graduated High School.

During my High School years, Kenny and I sort of fell out. He got big into the drug scene, which isn't too surprising, most people from where I live do. But I really didn't want to have anything to do with it. Kenny was an incredibly smart guy, and he really could have made some bucks had he stuck to things. In then end, he dropped out of High School, I have no idea where he is now or what he is doing. I made another friend in High School, Josh Dominoski. I had known him from Middle school, he was a friend of Kenny.s as well, but never really got to know him. He started MUDding, and we became friends. We both got into Dragonball Z, as well as WCW/WWF wrestling. So we spent a lot of time watching those shows, playing the video games, it was a lot of fun.

During my sophomore year of high school, things got frustrating at home. My two older brothers were drunks and stoners, I could hear them stumbling home at night, puking their guts out. My dad got married to another woman, Kim, she had a son and a daughter. There were a lot of people living at that house, and being the anti-social that I am, asked permission to move in with my mom. She was living with the man whom she.d been dating for a long time, they eventually got married, but I don't think they ever had a ceremony, just on paper. They were living in a house in Aberdeen, near where I had lived when I was younger, they had a three bedroom house so there was plenty of room for me. I still wanted to go to Hoquiam, I was friends with Kenny and Josh at this time, and they were really the only two friends I had ever had. I didn't want to lose that. So I took the public bus every morning, it was about an hour bus ride, to school every day.

During my senior year of high school, a representative from a school called DeVry came to the high school. She talked about the school and what kind of stuff they did, much more technical and focused than most general colleges. So I decided to apply, and I got accepted, and prepared to leave for Phoenix after I graduated.

There was one final move to be made before I moved to Phoenix. My mom and her husband, Rich, were getting a divorce. He had cheated on her, and admitted it proudly, and my mom couldn't take it. We moved out of the three bedroom house, which was rent-free because it was owned by a friend of my mom.s, and into a one bedroom apartment in Hoquiam. I slept on the couch, luckily I knew this was temporary as I would soon be moving to Phoenix.

On dad.s side of things, it had not gone well either. He had cancer. A very rare, and expensive to operate, mouth cancer. He.s never smoked or chewed tobacco in his life. It cost him a lot. The five bedroom house on the hill could no longer be afforded, and he would have to sell it. Kim left, whether it was because of them fighting or she just not wanting to give up everything, I don't know. She took a lot of my dad.s stuff, my dad didn't care anymore, he let her take what she wanted. He filed for bankruptcy. In a very short amount of time, he went from being King of the Hill, to now living in a two bedroom apartment with my younger brother and sister. It was devastating for him. How he pulled through it, I don't know. always had a great deal of respect for him.

High school graduation came, and then the move down to Phoenix just a few weeks later. My dad and my brother Brian were going to come down with me to make sure everything went smoothly. I was going to be living with a guy named Shane, my DeVry representative set me up with him. Shane was a very odd individual, to say the least. He was a Mormon, house painter, and pyramid-schemer. I can't remember what company it was he was in, but it was one where you paid $100, then got other people to pay $100 and money would eventually get filtered to you. I didn't buy it, he certainly didn't seem to have all that much money, but whatever floats his boat I guess. He didn't go to DeVry, he just wanted roommates to bring his rent down. I had a few other roommates while I lived there, but no one really that worth mentioning.

I got a job at McDonald.s, it wasn't much but it supported me well enough with two to three roommates. I didn't mind all that much, I was put in the drive-thru most of the time, so I spent most of the day on my own, in a little booth, taking orders, cash, and giving change.

As I said, my dad had pretty much lost everything. My two older brothers were on their own now, so he didn't worry too much about them. But he was tired of life in Hoquiam, So he sent Michelle and Brian to live with my mom, and he drove the motor home down to Phoenix in October of 2001. He found a place to live and a hospital to work at, he is a Registered Nurse, so he can get a job just about everywhere. He wanted to help me out as well, so he got a place to live next door to DeVry, I lived there for a few months, but my dad got homesick and told me he would be going back.

It was time for another move. Again, close to DeVry, I had never got my driver.s license, so I either walked or took the bus. I was to be living with three guys, named Jeff, Antonio, and Gunnar. I moved in April of 2002 and lived there for quite a while. I didn't have a computer at the time, but Gunnar did. I used his, a lot. Thinking back now, I was probably pretty rude about it. I was on there all the time, any time I saw it open. But what can I say, I.m a computer geek. But it was from there I met some of my best friends, from the Council-of-Elrond website. I spent hours in the chat room there, something I had never really done before. I got to know a lot of people really well, and I enjoyed it.

School was going by fine, some tough classes, some easy classes. I got a job at the school, being a computer lab tech. It was an easy job, I worked the evening shift, when there were no classes and only a few people. It was basically my job to make sure no one had soda or food or no one was surfing porn or anything like that. Very easy job.

All three of my roommates went to DeVry. Antonio dropped out first and moved back to New Mexico. Then Jeff dropped out because he couldn't afford it. We got a new roommate, Evan, a friend of Jeff.s. Jeff and Evan eventually moved out leaving Gunnar and myself to the apartment.

And this is when Josh Schubert became my roommate. It was April of 2004, a year after I had moved in. I had known Josh for most of my DeVry tenure. We went to lunch one time and I mentioned I was looking for a roommate. He was living with his parents at the time, quite a ways away from the school, and he figured he could save a lot on gas money by moving in. So he did, and we shared a room for a while, Gunnar stayed on his own and paid a little more rent.

Gunnar finally decided to get a roommate, Jenniifer, it seemed like a bad idea for him to have a girl roommate, but he thought everything would work out. It didn't. Things were thrown around, stuff got broken, it was a mess. It was about this time Josh and I both got jobs at FlipChip, this was a full time, carrer-type job. It was pretty long hours and a lot of overtime, but also quite a bit more money than either of us had been making. Gunnar and Jenniifer both moved out, and a new guy named Alex came in. I never liked Alex, he seemed too much like a con-artist.

Josh and I decided to move into our own place, we let Alex know that we needed to be out of the apartment by the end of January. We were also going to Lotje and Jason.s wedding, so we had a lot of stuff that needed to get done. The wedding was fun, it was very cold in North Carolina. We moved in to the new apartment in mid-January, Josh and I had separate rooms. Alex hadn't paid the last months rent, but he said he was going to. In the end, he didn't. He skipped town and I had to pay. We settled in to our new apartment, I finished up school, Bachelors of Technical Management, and continued my job at FlipChip.

I know there is a lot I have left out, please don't be offended if I didn't mention you. I may some day decide to make a longer version. But for now, this is where I am. I work at FlipChip International, I live with my roommate Josh, and I spent a good deal of time on the Internet, wasting time and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.

"It's easy to find something worth dying for. Do you have anything worth living for?" Lorien